Current Projects:

www.betmover.com (in house)

www.cloudbetbot.com (in house, multi-jv)

www.hedgerpro.co.uk (in house, jv)

www.geegeez.co.uk (contacted)

www.exponentialbet.co.uk (jv partner)

Level Software specialises in Betfair Web Apps, covering all aspects of the exchange including: 

  • Historical data analysis and reporting
  • Odds streaming
  • Trading
  • One click betting
  • Set and forget’ non attended automated betting.

Easy to use ‘client-side’ websites together with sophisticated ‘server-side’ cloud based engines give a complete package that results in products like www.betmover.com

Joint ventures play a big part of our operations. Successful projects are achieved by our ability to cover all technical aspects and remaining active partners in the projects we are a part of, such as www.cloudbetbot.com that provides tipsters the ability to give a set and forget bot to their clients.

Level Software is run by Nigel Dove, if you wish to contact me with a project idea, I’ll be happy to hear from you.